UH Hilo Faculty Congress Meeting Agenda for February 19, 2016


UH Hilo Faculty Congress Meeting

Agenda for February 19, 2016

New Student Service Multi-purpose Room

Approval of minutes from the last meeting (January 15, 2016)

Faculty Congress Chair Report

• Update from the Chair of the Task Force for the Investigation of Re-Organization – Chris Frueh

• Status of FC Administrative Evaluations

• Nomination of rep for the System Conflict of Interest Committee

• Memos from Chancellor in response to FC motions

• Status of Faculty Lounge move from PB-9 to old Student Services building 2 nd F

Standing Committee Reports

Assessment Support, Seri Luangphinith

Academic Policy, James Beets

Student Success Comm. and Academic Advising Task Force, Faith Mishina

Long Range Budget and Academic Affairs Advisory Board, Roberta Barra

Curriculum Review, Norbert Furumo

General Education, Yumiko Ohara

Program Review, Mitchell Anderson

Other Committee with Faculty Congress Representation

Prior Learning Assessment Committee, Faith Mishina

UNIV 101 Analysis Committee, Norbert Furumo

Liaison Reports

Curriculum Coordinator, Shelby Wong

Professional Development, Jan Ray

Distance Learning, Jan Ray

WASC, Seri Luangphinith

Grad Council, Tam Vu

Research Council, Jim Beets

Faculty Senate Chair Updates

CAS, Jean Ippolito

CAFNRM, Maria Haws

CoBE, Tam Vu

KHUOK, Kekoa Harman

Pharmacy, Karen Pellegrin

Library, Mary Haraguchi

Old Business:

• Suggested wording for Recording Policy on Course Syllabi

• Transfer of Locus of Tenure document from VCAA

New Business:

• Criteria for Distance Learning

• Course designation for ALEX and Sustainability on transcripts – comments from Chelsea Kay-Wong

• Expiration of Strategic Plan and need for Assessment – Seri Luangphinith