New Course Request Budget Worksheet


New Course Request Budget Worksheet

Course Title:

Because there are no new dollars available to the University, departments and colleges must reallocate resources within their current budget or seek new revenue from outside sources to support curricular changes. The goal is to remain revenue neutral.

Please answer the questions below:

What is the number of credits for the new course?

Will the course be taught on-campus or online?

Please provide an explanation of how resources required to offer the new course will be reallocated in the department or college to accommodate any increase in credits, faculty, or equipment (please note that answers like "no new funds required" or "faculty are already existing" will not suffice). Explanations might include information such as:

· One course is being deleted in order to add a new course with equal or less number of credits

· Faculty member is teaching on a rotating basis

o The new course is being taught one semester; another course a different semester

o No net increase in the number of courses taught per year

· Adjustment to faculty workload, i.e., decreases scholarship and service, and increases teaching load

· The new course was previously taught as a special topics course and is currently in the faculty member's teaching load

· Two courses are being combined into one (with equal or less number of credits)

· Instructors or adjunct faculty will be hired (if this example is used, provide an explanation of where funds will come from to cover the expense)

If new funding is being secured, please explain. Explanations might include:

· Grant funding has been secured

· Endowment from a corporation for a portion of a faculty position