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Engaging Students with
Interactive Lecture Demonstrations
Presentation by David R. Sokoloff
Tuesday, April 14th, 1:40-2:40pm
Science Building Room S233
The results of physics education research and the availability
of microcomputer-based tools have led to the development of
the activity-based Physics Suite. Most of the Suite materials
are designed for hands-on learning, for example studentoriented laboratory curricula like RealTime Physics. One
reason for the success of these materials is that they
encourage students to take an active role in their learning.
This interactive session will demonstrate--through active
audience participation—Suite materials designed to promote
active learning in lecture—Interactive Lecture Demonstrations
(ILDs). The demonstrations will be drawn from mechanics and
light and optics. Results of studies on the effectiveness of this
approach will be presented.
David R. Sokoloff is the winner of the 2007 Robert A. Milliken award
of the American Association of Physics Teachers for “notable and
creative contributions to the teaching of physics.” He was elected
President of the American Association of Physics Teachers in 2008, is
currently in his first year of the four-year leadership cycle, serving as
Vice President in 2009, and is a Professor of Physics at the University
of Oregon.