Chuck Green Fellowship Recommendation Form

Chuck Green Fellowship
Recommendation Form
To be completed by a mentor or student-peer of the candidate
Candidate's Name: (Enter candidate's name here)
To the mentor or student peer: The Chuck Green Civic Engagement Fellowship,
administered by the Political Science Department at Macalester College, provides
students with a unique opportunity to put their ideas into action. The program is
competitive, with a maximum of 12 fellowships available each year. Each fellow
will serve a six-month fellowship that includes a spring seminar and a funded, fulltime summer field experience. Each fellow will study democratic engagement in
social and organizational change, identify a client organization working for the
public good with whom the student can analyze and address a problem, and then
work with that client on a mutually agreed-upon solution over the summer
The Fellows will be expected to actively participate in all class sessions in the
spring term, work collaboratively with one another as well as the client partners
throughout the fellowship, and be available to serve as peer advisers for the
cohort of Fellows to follow in their footsteps.
The Chuck Green Civic Engagement Committee appreciates your honest appraisal
of the student who has asked you to complete this evaluation. If you prefer to
attach a letter of recommendation, please make sure to address the questions
posed below.
Recommendation Form
1. The context in which you know the candidate:
2. The candidate's work habits and sense of organization.
3. The candidate's ability to accomplish a major piece of collaborative work.
4. To the best of your knowledge, comment on how this student overcame adversity or
a challenging situation.
5. Please list four adjectives that describe the candidate to you.
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Please submit letters of recommendation by 11:59 pm, October 15, to Roxanne Fisher,
[email protected]