Adam Koenig Midterm

Adam Koenig
My midterm project is a simple pong game. There is a large circle that, starting from a
random place horizontally on the screen, begins to move downwards towards the bottom. There
is also a rectangle that moves along the bottom of the screen according to the player’s mouse
movements. If the ball comes in contact with either the left or right side of the screen, it will
bounce off and move in the opposite direction. This also occurs if the ball hits either the top of
the screen or if the player causes it to hit the rectangle. If the ball hits the rectangle it will also
speed up and the player’s score will increase by one, which is visible in the top-left corner. If the
ball hits the bottom of the screen, the game will end and the game over screen will come up,
displaying the user’s final score. Clicking the screen will reset the game.