Gold is a richer, darker version of . It is highly

Gold is a richer, darker version of yellow. It is highly
reflective (shiny). It communicates wealth, and
Photo by Dorothy Minarsch
In interior design gold represents a more traditional style. Often, in high-end design,
plumbing fixtures will be gold plated rather than brass plated
In corporate aviation, it is very common for
fixtures and trims throughout the plane to
be 24C gold plated.
Yellow wavelengths come into the human eye as
an irritant. This is why you rarely see full
yellow environments[email protected]/3027313902/
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The cliché the light just went on
means that you now
understand. An
incandescent light bulb
(lamp) produces a yellow
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Yellow is considered positive because it is warm,
bright, cheerful and joyful.
Yellow tends to complement tan skin.
It typically doesn’t complement the
complexion or the eyes of light skin
Architectural Digest magazine
Yellow, when mixed with black:
Box Fish secrets poison through its skin when its attacked
Bumble bee and yellow jacket bees will sting you if they feel
Yellow/yelloworange is a warning
color for heavy
Yellow is the symbolic color for sickness.
In ships, the quarantine flag color is yellow
Yellow can be softened in the presence of white.
Yellow has the
lightest reflective
value of all colors, so
is a good alternative
to using white when
you need to lighten
a room as seen in
this room with
limited natural light.
It’s believed that a
poor diet causes the
eye to age and produce
the increased
perception of yellow in
older people.
Don’t use yellow on or
near the elderly. They
see too much yellow
Yellow green can
resemble pond scum,
and can produce a
feeling of nausea.