Assignment 1​

ID 101A
If the class is large, you will work in groups of 2 to 4 students on several assignments
If the class is small, you will work in teams of two, or individually on most assignments
o Teams must complete the project where everyone participates equally (do not assign
segments to the team)
Turn in one memory stick and grading sheet per group assignment, or single person assignment
- (be sure to put your names on your grading sheet) and use a baggie to turn in the assignment.
Dropbox is an additional option, as is Prezi.
Find one example for each of the following from design websites online: (sample web links that
you can use or use any you prefer)
Remember to give credit to images you use on your assignment
Make sure you submit your samples in the order shown here. You need ONE excellent example for each
of the following:
1. Form Follows Function
2. Good Design Transcends Time
3. Proportion
a. Good furniture proportion (how one part of an object relates to another part of the
same object – size relationship of the whole)
b. Golden Rectangle (find a rectangle shape and divide into 6 equal parts. Example: rugs,
c. Golden Mean (drapery example and wainscoting)
d. Golden Section (object broken/painted in a square and an added part or section that is
.618 the size of the square)
4. Scale
a. Good scale in a room (how one object relates to another or other objects)
b. Scale in terms of small pattern (show it in a room)
c. Scale in terms of medium pattern (show it in a room)
d. Scale in terms of large pattern (show it in a room)
5. Balance
a. Symmetrical
b. Asymmetrical
c. Radial
6. Rhythm
a. Repetition (show it in a room)
b. Gradation (show it in a room)
c. Transition (show it in a room)
d. Opposition (show it in a room)
7. Emphasis (same as Focal Point or Dominance)
8. Harmony
a. Unity (show it in a room)
b. Variety (show it in a room)