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MFC 205- Final Project
Coaching Portfolio
Due: May 13th by 5pm
Format: 12 point font, double spaced.
This assignment is worth 300 points.
This final project allows you to combine everything that we have covered this semester into a
coaching portfolio. There are many other areas that we could have covered this semester
including choreography basics, developing cheers, and music selection. Unfortunately, there
aren’t enough weeks in the semester to cover everything, but I hope that you find this
assignment beneficial to where you are in your college careers. I believe you will find a few
of the requirements very helpful as you apply to future positions in coaching and beyond.
Congrats! You have just been offered an interview for your dream coaching position with the
“Stars” spirit team. There is an open position for the head cheerleading coach and dance
coach, so you decide which one you would like to interview for. The interviewer has now
asked that you prepare the following materials for your interview.
1) Resume (60 points)
2) 1 page coaching philosophy (60 points)
a. This should include your philosophy on coaching, qualities that feel make you
a successful candidate
3) Answers to the questions found in section A below. (60 points)
a. Each question should be answered with at least 3 sentences.
4) A 1-day sample practice schedule (60 points)
a. Practice will be 2 hours long
15 -20 minute stretch
10 minute run
Hour- run down of dances,line postion (Line spots)
15 minute break
20 minute practice tumbling
10 minute warm down stretch
Last few mintues talk about what you liked about practice
5) A written cheer for your spirit team, remember the mascot is the “stars” (60 points)
a. This should be 5- 10 lines, be creative!!
A. Interview Questions:
1) What experience do you bring to this position? As a camp counselor and later
outreach coordinator, I have worked with kids between the ages of 6-14 for
almost six years. I have learned a lot from child and teen development through
this year. Being giving these opportunities has made me a great leader.
2) What is your mission for the spirit program? My mission in this program is to give
cheerleading the respect it deserves in the eyes of public perception. I want this
program to be taken to different media platforms such as TV and internet. My
particular focus is on social media apps such as Instagram.
3) What style of dance/cheer will the team perform? I would like to showcase Hip
pop and R&B types of cheers similar to the hit movie “Bring it on”. I feel like this is
a genre of music that will spice up the current state of cheer overall.
4) How many spirit members will be on the team? I feel like that will shouldn’t have
a finite amount of members on the team. I feel like whoever wants to learn
cheerleading, should be allowed. I feel like cheerleading nowadays is perceived
as an elitist type of activity. I would like to break down that notion.
5) What leadership role will you play? I will play leadership role of conducting the
inner-working of things within the organization. I will assist in the frame work of
the organization but my main focus will be the actual facilitation of things.
Application is always important
6) What is your goal as a coach?
a. For the season To implement my cheer routines, to help develop proven
programs, to showcase hip pop in cheers.
b. 1-3 year goals I want to break into other age groups, to encourage self-love
to young girls, and to boost interest in the sport locally
7) How will you recruit team members? I will recruit members through our verified
Instagram page. I would also like to hold free cheerleading clinics within the
community to promote the brand. Lastly I would like to
8) Who will select the team? I will have a panel of judges who comprise of people
who were past coaches on the star team. Once a again I want to remind you guys
that I will not be
9) What component will be included in the tryout?
10) How will you communicate tryout results?
11) Give a list of 5 team rules
12) How will you handle discipline?
13) How will you articulate your team rules?
14) What type of uniform should the team wear?
15) How often will the team practice?
16) Where will the team perform?
17) Will the team compete?
18) What are 3 examples of fundraisers that the team will use this year?
19) How will you increase school spirit?
20) How will you handle personal problems that cheerleaders will bring to you?
21) How will you help your team face stigmas and stereotypes?
22) What are you most looking forward to if you are offered the position?
Go stars go stars go stars go!!!!!!!!
We are the best we are the best
Rock it from left to right from left to right
With all your might with all your might
Drop Drop Drop it low to the floor
Goooooooooooo stars