FIPP Activity Report

Report #4
FIPP Activity Report
Funded by the Basic Skills Initiative
Name Traci Granger
Date December 16, 2009
FIPP Partner Nancilyn Burress
Section #8012
Activity /Strategy Design homework and other out-of-classroom learning
Category 5
Briefly describe the activity/strategy.
1. Introduction I had the students get a partner (someone they didn't know)
2. Set up & Supplies All they needed was paper and something to write with
3. Directions The class was told to interview their partner and then write a
paragraph about their partners strengths.
4. Conclusion The class enjoyed this, next semester I am going to do it early in the
semester, not at the end
What worked well? Most of them enjoyed the activity, they met someone new and
learned some new things about that person
What would you change? Next semester I am going to do this earlier, maybe within the
first couple of weeks. That way they meet someone new and learn a few things about
Would you use the activity/strategy again? Why or why not? I would definitely do this
strategy again. They enjoyed it, and it was good for them to meet someone from the
opposite side of the room. They found out some good information about that person,
and some of them wrote some good paragraphs. I enjoyed reading them
Please describe any student learning outcomes/changes that you observed after the
implementation of the activity/strategy. They seemed to interact better with one another,
and they weren't so clickish after interviewing their "partner" and learning something
about that person