April 21, 2008

Office of the President
Minutes of the College Council Meeting April 21, 2008
Present: Francisco Arce, Ashley Bachmann, Sean Donnell, Thomas Fallo, Ann Garten, Pete
Marcoux, Jeff Marsee, Leo Middleton, Jeanie Nishime, Barbara Perez, Susan Pickens, Gary
Robertson, Luukia Smith, and Arvid Spor.
1. Ashley Bachmann and Vince Armstrong will alternate as the student representative to
College Council.
2. Board Agenda
a. Irene Graff will present the Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges
b. There is a public hearing for Police Officers Association.
c. There are five student expulsions on the agenda. If the Board has any questions –
they will recess to a closed session and then come back to open session to take a vote.
d. Parking measures – page 105 – Instead of paving the field we may use those funds as
an incentive to contractors to get structure finished for spring. Some of the sites we
are looking at for off site parking are Target, Galleria, and the Alondra Golf Course.
e. Contracts over $72,400 – page 74 – Greentree Systems. It is reported that they have a
good track record. Other colleges using them are Rancho Santiago, Pasadena City
College, College of the Canyons, and UC Irvine.
f. Human Resources – page 109- Special Assignment Rates. Barbara will bring
information to the Board meeting as to why these pay rates differ. Rates are
g. Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee appointments – page 131. The By-Laws are
being followed. We are filling vacated spots. Announcements of vacancies were
made at various community organizations.
h. Commission on Athletics (COA) Resolution – page 138. Normally a center could not
have athletic teams. Since this is a unique situation Compton will be allowed to
continue to have athletic teams.
i. Quarterly Status Report for Fund 11 – page 63. There was a question about the $3
million budget deficit and the clarity of the statement for this Board item.
3. ACR 69 (Assembly Concurrent Resolution) was introduced by Assembly Member Dymally.
This measure would request that the Task Force on the Future of Compton Community
College be established.
Agenda for the April 28, 2008 Meeting:
1. Minutes of April 21, 2008
2. Procedure/Policy 5137 – Distribution and Exhibition of Posters, Bulletins, Newspapers,
Pamphlets, Circulars, Handbills, Broadcast and Electronic Media, and any Promotional
Materials on Campus
3. Policy 5506 – Student Rights and Responsibilities
4. Review ECC Vision/Mission Statement – to complete College Council Goal C (Core
Competencies – inclusion)
5. Schedule Facilities Steering Committee meeting
6. Board Policy Status Reports – VP’s