EL CAMINO COLLEGE Classified Staff Development Committee (CSDC)

Classified Staff Development Committee (CSDC)
Notes of meeting held Thursday, February 22, 2007
T. Clifford, V. De La Torre, L. Detwiler, V. Doby, B. Gilmore, D. Manno, A.
Martinez, N. Oshio, L. Smith
C. Biedler, T, Coulter, C. Quiroz, V. Wagner
Donna welcomed two new members Theresa Clifford and Victoria De La Torre and asked group
members to introduce themselves.
Last meeting overview/minutes
 The group accepted the minutes of the last meeting
Compton Center Staff Update
 Donna reported to the group that her meeting with Compton was unsuccessful as no one
got her email messages. Another meeting is scheduled for March 8th and Donna will
report the result of that meeting at the March 22nd meeting.
 Responding to Luukia’s question about how Compton will participate, the group briefly
discussed logistics of Compton participation. Possible suggestion was that the Offices
may be closed 11am – 2pm on that day. Donna also mentioned that the Compton Center
has a bus that could accommodate transportation to and from ECC.
 Carts – there are 21 carts available to be provided on a first come first serve basis.
Consideration will be given to the fact that Compton Center staff has not yet received the
entry form.
Review Time Line
 The group reviewed task matrix/timeline. Donna will include pictures of cart types in
this week’s picture information bulletin.
Discuss Awards
 Awards were discussed. It was agreed that the only trophies to be awarded are a
perpetual trophy for first place, tin can trophies for 2nd, 3rd place and People’s choice
Trophy. Donna asked Nina to explore other ideas for awards to other participants.
 It was suggested that Donna include a reminder about the People’s Choice box in the
final weekly information bulletins.
 Guideline/criteria for judges – as she did last year, Donna will provide guidelines for the
judges. The guidelines will be discussed at a future meeting.
 Lunch Tickets – After some discussion the group agreed that there would be no lunch
 Mandatory workshop – Group discussed the impact of workshop. It was felt that
personality traits addressed by True Colors were more remembered. Donna said that this
year’s workshop will take the previous workshop to another level. She also suggested
that perhaps True Colors could be offered during Classified Week.
Next Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 22, at 3:00 pm.