March 17, 2004

ITS Division Council Meeting
March 17, 2004
Attended: Kim Ashley, Bruce Baldwin, Francis Baylen, Crispin Carlos, Patrick Chang,
Lucy Dao, Linda Detwiler, Elizabeth Flores, Myron Gooch, Jan Hearn, Sheryl Kimball,
Jason La, Maria O’Brien, Anne Padillo, Peggy Patterson, Hinh Pham, Cheryl Shenefield,
Hiep Tran, Alan Yee, Chong Yi, Alex Kelley, Satish Warrier and Don Treat
Absent: Kathy Way, Del Bergin, Charles Hughes, Bud Sandoval and Fred Dennis
Recorder: Beverly Johnson
Alex spoke of how we are going to miss Del and Kathy, Del’s been with our department
for two decades and Kathy was one of our original hires. Alex explained the condition of
what would be eventually be a department. Alex also gave a little history of the
department’s beginning and how dedicated Del and Kathy were in getting the department
up and running. How the team put together the in-house Student Support System in two
years, by working nights and week-end.
Priority list for position to be approved
Alex acknowledged the new positions we were awarded and how very pleased he is for
our department. Especially the Help Desk Consultant, which will make Elizabeth very
happy, she needs the help.
Dr. Hata, Dean of Academic Affairs will officially retire effective August 1, 2004, but is
no longer on campus, due to health reasons. We wished her well, she’s been a great
supporter of ITS.
The Dean of Library Resources has been eliminated. A new position, Director of
Library and Academic Resources also was authorized.
Dean of Natural Sciences, SRC Staff Interpreter and Dean of Fine Arts will not be filled
until the new Vice President of Academic Affairs is hired.
See list on agenda of different departments which will be hiring.
Campus wide projects must be in-putted and finalized in Q-Builder by March 31
This may create an increase in calls to the Help Desk, that Q-Builder isn’t working,
please be considerate. The Q-Builders plans will be used in the future by the Planning
and Budgeting Committee when evaluating budget requests. If a proposed project or
task requires funds that are not already budgeted the requirement must be reflected in QBuilder. The Budget Committee will make priority recommendations on the funding of
new projects or tasks.
Sheryl Kimball, Cheryl Shenefield, Satish, Don Treat and Beverly are generating our QBuilder plans; if you have special needs that they are not aware of, please submit as soon.
Be sure your assignments are kept up. Alex also reminded everyone that we need to do a
better on documenting our job assignments and target dates.
We are getting lots of request for more training. Since both Staff Development and ITS
are experiencing staff shortages we should create and disperse documentation to our users
on how to effectively use email, word, etc.
New news
1.) We are trying to hire some students and non-cert before the end of the year. We need
is someone to assist in getting boxes out of the warehouse , removing computer from
boxes, stocking store rooms and general housekeeping for computers and kiosks, this
will free up staff for more challenging assignments .
2.) Vic Hanson has authorized the hiring of a part-time web developer to assist in web
maintenance for our department. If you have someone in mind, let Alex’s know.
3.) We will be ordering approximately 800-900 computers during the 2004/2005
academic year. Hopefully they will help us eliminate Windows 98 and 95. In July, a
new release of Colleague will be announced.
4.) All ITS staff should be using the Portal. The feedback we are receiving from users is
that students seem to like it, while faculty and staff are experiencing problems. Increased
use by our staff will help us to identify trouble areas and rectify them.
5.) July 1st to June 30 2005, we will be upgrading all the instructors work rooms,
computer laboratories and a number of administrative computers.
6.) Alex asked Sheryl to create a survey for the Portal users, to obtain their feedback
and/or recommendations for improving the portal.
7.) Vantage Corp, the District’s technology consultant has made a recommendation to
bring the telephone system back to in-house. The costs associated with CENTREX are
continuing to increase. An in-house system will improve our ability to control costs.
We are continuously upgrading our email systems to eliminate these viruses. We
currently are evaluating the effectiveness of our anti-spam software. We may need to
purchase new software.