Bell work Week 14

Vocabulary Three with Interjections
Dude, it’s reading time!
Begin your two column journal.
Remember: Use quotation marks in the page number.
Correct Format: Author’s name (Last, First.) Title of Book. City of
Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Source Type.
* 1. elude- verb- to escape from or avoid somebody or something
by cunning, skill, or resourcefulness
* 2. ironic- adj.- deliberately stating the opposite of the truth,
usually with the intention or result of being amusing
* 3. credible- adj.- believable or trustworthy
* 4. incredulous- adj.- unable or unwilling to believe something or
completely unconvinced by it
* 5. façade-noun- the visible surface or a deceptive appearance
* 6. premonition- noun-intuition; a strong feeling, without a
rational basis, that something is going to happen
* 7. bootleg-verb- to deal in illegal goods, especially copied or
recorded material.
* 8. fathom- verb- to comprehend something, usually something
profound or mystifying
* 9. dogged- adj.- determined to continue without giving up, in
spite of difficulties
* 10. conducive- adj.- helping something to happen
* 11. wistful- adj.- deep in sad thoughts, especially thoughts of
something yearned for and lost
* 12. Interjection- in grammar, a comment made abruptly or with
emotion; an interruption of the text
Write out the sentences, then circle the vocabulary words
* 1. “That’s not true!” Sandy interjected, incredulous that he
would tell such a big lie.
* 2. I think she is very smart, and playing dumb is just a
façade she creates.
* 3. Before the movie began, a warning reminded that
bootleg, or pirated, material was illegal.
Write out the sets of synonyms and match the vocabulary
1. Pensive, melancholy, thoughtful: _________________
2. Favorable, advantageous, beneficial: ______________
3. Forewarning, feeling, hunch: ____________________
4. Measure, gauge, understand:____________________
Write out the sentence and complete with the correct
vocabulary word.
* 1. The detective was____________ in his pursuit of the truth,
never giving up.
* 2. The loud TV blaring in the other room is not _____________
for falling asleep easily.
* 3. When I thought about my old girlfriend, I was a little
_____________ for the good times we shared.