February 4, 2004

El Camino College
Facilities Steering Committee
February 4, 2004
Present: Jan Caldwell, Michael D’Amico, Maurice Elmore, Thomas Fallo, Pam Fees,
Bob Gann, Donna Manno, David Miller, Barbara Perez, Susan Pickens, Cameron
Samimi, Dave Shannon, Debra Shepley, Angela Simon, Luukia Smith, Arvid Spor, and
Julie Stewart.
1. 2004 Campus Map – Debra Shepley
Debra Shepley reviewed some highlights of the 2004 campus map as follows:
a. Science complex renovation is the primary project.
b. Humanities complex replacement is one of the first projects.
c. Administration building will have some offices removed.
d. Social Sciences complex will be renovated.
e. Student Services/Activity center will be replaced.
f. Bookstore will remain; food services will be moved to central location on
g. Library expansion is State funded.
h. Technical Arts building will be replaced and will house shops, CAD,
Architecture, and Electronics. The other Technical Arts functions will be
distributed to other areas on campus. Nursing will be moved to the new Health
Occupations/Wellness center. Cosmetology, EMT, Administration of Justice,
and Fire Science will be moved to the Communications building.
i. Health Occupations and Wellness center is a new building and will be moved
to a new location north of the north gym.
j. Athletic fields have been reconfigured.
k. Stadium will be replaced and moved west.
2. Budget-Bob Gann
The committee received the February 4, 2004 Facilities Master Plan Project budgets.
This budget lists original budget, budget changes, and revised budget amounts.
Explanations for every budget change are given.
3. Schedule-Bob Gann
The committee received the Facilities Master Plan Initial Projects Schedule.
Future Meetings
The next Facilities Steering Committee meeting will be Wednesday, April 21st from 13:00 p.m. in Library 202.