Timeline/Due Dates

Science Fair Timeline
September 17
 Start brainstorming. Think of ideas for the topic of your
 It must be testing and comparing at least two things.
Demonstrations will not be allowed.
 Remember: no animals, humans, or mold experiments.
September 22
 Student/Parent acknowledgment that the science fair packet
was received.
September 24
 Turn in Science Fair topic for approval.
October 2
 Research key words and paragraph
 This will be turned in on Friday, October 2
October 9
 Make your hypothesis.
 Tell what you think will happen and why. Written as an “If…, then… because…..”
October 20
 Design your experiment. This includes your variables and procedures.
 Complete your materials list
October 30
 Your experiment should be completed.
 Complete the data and observations portion of your science fair packet.
November 2
 Show the results in the form of tables, graphs, pictures.
 Write your results in a paragraph form.
 Complete the conclusion part of you packet.
November 5
 Write up your abstract. (summarize your experiment in one paragraph)
 Work on and complete your science fair board.
November 10
 Science Fair project: board and packet are due.
November 12
 Science Fair will be held at Plaza Towers.