Lesson 15 Tampa

Tampa 15 Vocabulary
1. tax: money given to the government from people.
2. ranch: a place for raising livestock (cattle, horses, or sheep) on a
3. blast: a strong sound or gust of wind; to shatter with use of an
4. tramp: to walk heavily, forcibly and repeatedly
5. hatch: to be born from an egg.
6. cabin: a small simple dwelling usually having only one story
7. attack: to act harmfully; to take strong action against
8. nest: a place or structure made by a bird for its eggs.
9. gem: a valuable stone cut and polished for ornament
10. crept: to have moved slowly, timidly, or quietly
11. stretch: to reach out; to extend in length
12. theft: an act of stealing.
13. segment: parts into which a thing is divided or separated.
14. metal: a hard and shiny substance.
15. sin: an action that breaks a law or is bad.
16. tin: the metal of a can
17. mist: light rain; water in the form of particles floating in the air
18. rich: having a lot of money or wealth.
19. snip: to cut a small piece of material; to clip suddenly or by bits
20. myth: a story based on an imaginary person or thing.
21. quilt: a bed cover sewn up in patterns.
22. picnic: an outing in which people bring food to eat outside.
23. whistle: to make a shrill sound from the mouth.
24. sincerely: to be true; trustworthy, genuine, real
25. gun: a weapon that shoots; a portable firearm
26. lump: to group together; a small uneven mass
27. congruent: having the same size and shape; exactly matching
28. bull: a male animal with horns.