Group Project - Paper 2

"The Odyssey" Group Project - Paper #2:
Books covered: Books 19-24 (Conclusion)
Assigned Book #: _____
Group Name (based on information from your book): _______________________________________
Group Member Roles Defined:
List ALL Group members and their roles (each member must have a role, and each role must be filled by
at least one member of the group):
1. Reader = Read book to the group
2. Note-taker = Take notes from book to aid #3,4,5
3. Researcher = Use notes and book to aid Creative Marketer, plus other research, as needed for the
4. Creative Marketer = responsible to generate ideas for the group presentation and lead the group in
the making of the presentation
5. Presenter = present the book to the class, including visual aids from Project Ideas given. May or may
not enlist help from the rest of the group.
Project Ideas (you must choose ONE of the following to give your presentation to the class):
1. Using any of the following project ideas, make a video outside of the classroom, and put it on a DVD
to show the class.
2. Dramatic Interpretation (act out the story), identifying the characters, setting, plot, through
3. Mobile: a hanging piece, with each part labeled and explaining why relevant to the story.
4. Make a travel brochure (see examples): title location, places to visit, attractions, map, directions, etc.
5. Poster board puzzle: "piece together" parts of the story, including the characters, pictures, main
events, problems/conflicts, climax, and resolution
6. Newspaper: Front page, including the title, articles, photos, advertisements
7. Soda Bottle Characters: decorate 2-liter soda bottles as characters from the book, including their
name, a paragraph describing their role, and a quote from them. There must be one character for each
member of the group (if 5 group members, you need 5 Soda Bottle Characters).
8. Poetry: Rewrite the book in poetic form; include illustrations
9. Modernization of the Book: Rewrite the book in modern form (Retelling, Twitter, hash tags, snapchat,
10. Story retelling with props: title each of 8+ props, and explain the importance of each.
11. Talk Show: a host(ess) and guests on the show being interviewed, could include commercial breaks
that also relate to the story of the book, as well as special guest music.
12. Mock Trial: lawyer(s) and a judge either defend or prosecute characters in the book, using facts and
accusations to support their case for or against them.
*Make sure each project covers the book's setting, characters, plot, problems, theme/symbols, and
Wednesday, January 20, 2016: Intro to Group Project and roles assigned, turn in Project Paper #1
Friday, January 22-Wednesday, January 27: Groups work on projects; Put finishing touches on the
Monday, February 1: **Present Group Projects to the class!
Make sure all are doing their part AND that the project is 200-point worthy!!! 