3.8.16 Email to Parents

This week (and LAST) in English Class –
*Leap Day Fun: Did you know that the Titanic sank in a Leap Year? That each calendar year is actually 365.24219 days
long? We learned many interesting facts about this day we meet every 4 years, and even made an Origami frog in class!
*”March Connections” Vocabulary Worksheet: Students had to use various groups of words to figure out the
connection to its significance to the month of March.
*Shakespeare: We watched the A&E Biography on William Shakespeare, nickname, “The Bard,” and filled in an A-Z
Organizer, with two facts about Shakespeare beginning with each letter of the alphabet. We also went over our Shakespeare
Scavenger Hunt Research Packets, to make sure students had the correct answers to study for their tests TODAY. IF time last
week, we played a game of Shakespeare “Sha-rades,” all based on facts from the packet.
*”Romeo and Juliet” Prologue MEMORIZATION: Students will be memorizing this 14-line Sonnet – the introduction to
Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” We are also learning more about the rhyme pattern of a Sonnet, including the meter, “Iambic
Pentameter,” and that these are commonly known as love poems! We will take a fill-in-the-blank TEST over this the Tuesday
following break (NO word bank, must be memorized). 
*”The Man in the Iron Mask”: We will look at underlying themes in this tale of the Musketeers from the D’Artagnan
Series by Alexandre Dumas. Themes: Loyalty amongst Friends, Loyalty to your Country, Forbidden Love, Jealous Love, Forgiveness
Extended (Grace), Revenge for Love Lost. “For the honor of a king. And the destiny of a country. All for one.”
*Media Center: Last week we visited the Media Center to check in & check out. Students were also made aware of any
missing/overdue books and fines. Please have them take care of this on Friday, when we will participate in an activity known as
“Speed Dating” in the Media Center. Students will spend just a short time with many books during the hour to see if there is one
they would like to “check out” for Spring Break!
***Next week is Spring Break*** Enjoy this time with your kiddos --- and remind them to look over their Prologue once
or twice a day! 
*Jaguar NEWS:
**Don’t forget to check my website and Class Calendar there to see what is going on each week. Have a great week!
**Athletic Events are on the school website! Spring sports have kicked off! Get out an enjoy them during
this great weather!!! 
“Go Jaguars!”