Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs EL CAMINO COLLEGE

Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs
MARCH 28, 2013
Present: J. Anaya, W. Garcia, E. Geraghty, C. Gold, D. Goldberg, I. Graff, A. Grigsby,
D. Hayden, D. Horton, T. Kyle, G. Miranda, W. Morris, B. Mulrooney, R. Murray,
J. Nishime, D. Patel, B. Perez, S. Rodriguez, J. Shankweiler, D. Shrader, R. Smith, J. Wagstaff
Other Guests: Nicholas Awakuni (ASO)
A. Notes of 2/28/13: Distributed and revised as follows:
F. Announcements – STEM Workshops: Counseling faculty completed the first of five
STEM workshops.
B. ASO Update: D. Horton provided an update:
 Six students attended a conference in Washington DC to discuss various issues on
Financial Aid, Pell Grants, student loans.
 Senate will discuss enrollment priorities and the changes in the registration for
summer and fall.
C. CEC Update: R. Murray provided an update:
 Special Trustee Henry announced the appointment of K. Curry as CEO.
 B. Perez announced the reorganization of the division next week.
D. PBC Update: D. Patel provided an update of the meeting on 3/21:
 I. Graff gave a presentation on institution standards.
 Reviewed the ACCJC pillar of rubrics regarding the performance of the College.
 The due date for program prioritization is due mid-November. VPs submit by March
31. Prioritization recommendations will be discussed at the April meeting.
 The Comprehensive Master Plan was discussed regarding its role in PBC.
E. Academic Senate Update: C. Gold provided an update of the meeting on 3/5:
 There will be a fourth reading on the BP/AP 4260 Prerequisites and Co-requisites.
 I. Graff and J. Nishime met with the Senate work group on Institutional Achievement
 The DE Task Force met and will inform faculty on two key issues: (1) accreditation
and federal requirements for authentication and (2) faculty contact with students.
F. Announcements:
1. Welding Project: S. Rodriguez shared how a student incorporated a combination of
five different processes in his welding project.
2. Northern Tour: R. Smith reported that 30 students will be going on a northern tour to
UC Berkeley, Davis, and Santa Cruz during spring break.
Honors Transfer Council: J. Shankweiler reported 26 students attended the Honors
Transfer Council of California Student Research Conference. One-third of the
students presented a research poster and two-thirds presented on a research done in an
honors class.
Holocaust: The library will host a Holocaust Remembrance Day On April 4.
Volunteers will read names of some of the Holocaust victims beginning in the
A. Accreditation Program Standards
Institutional standards have been set and included in the accreditation annual report. The
report will be submitted on March 28. There are new interpretations based on federal
regulations for institutional standards. The College is required in the annual report to set
and report institutional standards. A work group was set up to review the initial process to
establish standards. Based on a meeting of the work group, the College lowered some of
the standards due to higher than average performance course completion and retention
rates in the last three years. In terms of the accreditation annual report, it was confirmed
by J. Young and K. Laureano that the College is at 98% of program level assessment on
the web for students to view.
The next Council of Deans will meet 4/25/13. The meeting on 4/11 is cancelled because of
spring break.