Block Syllabus

Syllabus Block Rotation: Art
J. Amy Harden
School Phone: (405)735‐4540
Planning Period‐ 2nd Hour
Email‐ [email protected]
 It is the student’s responsibility to turn assignments in completed and on time.
 Making-up assignments or arranging time to take tests/quizzes missed due to absence/activity is the
responsibility of the student.
 Missing assignments are counted as a zero until graded and recorded.
 Students should follow the rules of the classroom and school.
Classroom Procedures
The Beginning of Class:
 Be in your assigned seat before the bell rings.
 Have all your materials with you. (Pencil, eraser, folder, project planning guides, and anything else you
may need to do your assignment.)
 If you forget any of your materials, you are responsible for borrowing them from another student.
 Begin quietly working on your bellwork, while I take roll.
The End of Class:
 Put all your materials away where they belong.
 Make sure that your workspace is clean. This includes the floor, sink, areas around the trash can, as well
as the tables.
 Do not take sketchbooks or projects home without permission.
 Remember that the bell does not dismiss you; it reminds me that it is time to dismiss you. Remain seated
until you are dismissed. Do not gather your belongings and sit to wait for the bell. Never jump up and
leave when I am still teaching.
To Get my Attention:
 To answer questions, ask questions, or leave your desk, please raise your hand.
Discipline Specifics:
I will follow all procedures, rules and regulations as stated by Moore Public Schools and Brink.
My Classroom Discipline Plan
o 1st Offense Verbal Warning
o 2nd Offense Verbal Warning W/ Parent Contact
o 3rd Offense 30 min detention w/ Parent contact
o 4th Offense Two-30 min detentions w/ Parent contact
o 5th Offense Office Referral W/ Parent contact
Tardy Policy
o 1st Tardy
o 2nd Tardy
o 3rd Tardy
o 4th Tardy
o 5th Tardy
o 6th Tardy
o 7th Tardy
One – unexcused absence
One – 30 min detention w/ Parent contact
One – 30 min detention w/ Parent contact & Second - unexcused absence
Two – 30 min detentions w/ Parent contact
Two – 30 min detentions w/ Parent contact & Third - unexcused absence
Office Referral (Minimum penalty of 3-day ISD)
Semester grades will be calculated by:
Projects = 30%
Quizzes = 30%
Test =10%
PHONE REMINDER: It is up to each teacher when/if you will be allowed to use your cell phone FOR
EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES during your classes. Please make sure you are not observed using your phone to
make calls, send text messages, etc. without my prior approval. This violates the cell phone policy and you will
be reprimanded if this occurs. If you need to contact a parent for something important or take a picture of your
agenda or homework for the day ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK (first).
Late Work
1. Late bell work will not be accepted.
2. Late projects will be accepted subject to the Brink late work policy.
Students will need at least two pencils either wooden or mechanical, an eraser, and a pocket folder. Students
need to also bring some other type of community supplies such as tissues, dish soap, sponges, spray cleaner, etc.
We will have units on drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.
To buy supplies for these projects, we are asking you to pay a $10.00 art supply. This will be due Jan. 15th.
Please read over the Safety Contract with your parents, both of you should sign and date it and return it with the
$10.00 supply fee and community supplies for a grade.