Novel Assignments Due Dates

Due Date
1. September 18
2. October 9
3. October 30
4. November 20
5. December 18
6. January 22
7. February 12
8. March 4
9. April 8
10. April 29
11. May 20
Remember that the 3 novels we are reading in class this year count toward
your 11-book requirement. Independently, you must read only 8 this school
year. Each novel will have a novel assignment for it that you will complete
independently. The total number of books comes out to a novel approximately
every three weeks. You may work ahead by one novel assignment of the due
dates, if you choose to read novels over the holiday breaks. All of the projects
are located in the blue hanging crate at the front of the class on the beige
shelf. If the novel you are reading is extremely long, come to me on the day
that I introduce the next novel assignment, and we will discuss a contract for it
to count for more than one novel.
Remember that Bonus Book Talks are worth 25 bonus points! Just sign up with
me to present one on any Friday!