Brainstorming Exercise on “The Story of an Hour”

Brainstorming Exercise on “The Story of an Hour”
1. How does the title of the story relate to the story? How does it connect to the
argument or perspective of the story on a theme, such as gender roles and/or
the oppression of women? Be sure to examine closely all of the words of the
title, even the articles “the” and “an.”
2. Examine the beginning paragraphs of the story and how the story ends (the
closing paragraphs). What changes occur from the first part of the story to
the last paragraphs, and how do these changes relate to the text's perspective?
3. Consider characterization. Who is the protagonist and how does she change
throughout the story? How is she described at the beginning of the story? In
the middle? At the end? What changes, and what does the change in
characterization reveal, not only about the protagonist but about the text’s
perspective on her and on women in her situation during this time period?
4. Who is the narrator? What is the point of view? How does the narrative
point of view aid in presenting the perspective of the story?
5. Examine figurative language, especially imagery. How does it connect to the
text’s argument?
Be sure to include close reading, sandwiched quoted and paraphrased
material as examples and evidence. Use MLA format for in-text citation.