ABC’s of Theatre

ABC’s of Theatre
Audition – a short performance to show off talents; formal tryout
Actor – the person play a role in a performance
Audience – the people watching a performance
Applause – people in the audience clap their hands when the like
Broadway – The famous street in NYC where shows are performed
Break a Leg! – another way to say good luck to an actor.
Box Office – the place where tickets are sold.
Choreographer – person that teaches movement / dance.
Comedy – something GOOD happens to the main characters
Costumes – clothing worn by actors
Costume Designer – person that create/choose the clothing
Drama – something BAD happens to the main character
Dressing Room – location used to change clothes; put on make-up; do hair.
Dresser – a person that helps actors make costume changes
Encore – French word that means “AGAIN”. When the audience likes
something, they call “Encore!”….
Ensemble – A group of performers and techs working together
Follow Spot - A lighting instrument that creates a pool of light that can
“follow” a performer
Fourth Wall - the invisible(imaginary) wall that separates the audience
from the stage.
Gel – a colored transparent film that covers a light to create color
Grip – stage hand.
House – the part of the theater where the audience sits.
House Manager – the person responsible for the house, ushers, &
House Seating – the main seating area of the theatre. (Orchestra)
House Lights – The lights in the part of the theatre where the audience
Intermission – the “break” between acts of a performance
Improvisation - a scene created from the actors imaginations.
Jitters – nervousness performers feel (butterflies; stage fright).
Kick line – a musical number where dancers line up and simultaneously
kick their legs to music. (Shoulder to shoulder; arms around one another)
Lights – illuminate the actors and scenery on stage.
Lighting Designer – the person show designs the lighting for a show.
Makeup – product worn to enhance / create a character’s look.
Marquee – a permanent sign over the entrance of the theatre. Displays
name of show being performed. (Star? Your name will be here too.)
Matinee – an afternoon performance
Musical – a play with music; lyrics carryout the storyline
Notices – reviews of a performance from theater critics
Orchestra - musicians
Overture – the introductory music played before a musical show.
Play – a musical, drama or comedy production performed onstage.
Playwright – the person that writes a comedy or a drama
Playbill – the program given out to the audience.
Quick Change - a fast costume change that happens close to the stage
Rehearsal – practicing a show
Roadshow - a show that travels from place to place.
Stage – the acting area in a theater.
Stage fright – afraid to be in front of an audience.
Scenery and Set – the physical setting of the play
Ticket – a pass that allows you into a theater to see a show.
Tony Award – recognizes excellence in all areas of theater. Named for
Antoinette Perry – founder of the American Theatre Wing
Understudy – an actor in the cast who learns all the lines and blocking
of a major role. This actor can replace the regular performer easily
Voice – one of an actor’s most important tools. Vocal cords, tongue,
teeth, and lips!
Wigs - hairpieces
Wrangler – a person assigned to watch over performers while they are
in the theatre. (young performers and performers with special needs)
X = Cross – to move from one position onstage to another
Young Performers – performers under the age of 16
Zing! – sparkle, finesse, excitement, flair, enthusiasm, oomph!