2. Letter to follow-up initial visit Date Name

2. Letter to follow-up initial visit
Dear ________________[name]:
Thank you for taking time to visit with me. You would be such a valuable member of the
_______________[county] County Extension Program Development Team. I can’t tell
you how much I enjoyed talking with you about your serving on this team.
Program Development Team members leaders play a critical role in a process that makes
Cooperative Extension uniquely valuable: deciding how to best use University of Georgia
resources to meet the needs of people here by determining those needs and setting
priorities in the county itself, where the needs are best known.
____________[name], your great knowledge of the county and commitment to its
welfare make your opinion priceless in this process. We invite you to serve on the
______________[county] County Extension Program Development Team because we
believe your value to the team could be enormous.
We respect the demands on your time and will do our best not to waste a minute of it on
this team. This is a serious process. Your help in assessing needs and planning,
conducting and evaluating UGA Extension programs carries the promise of very real
benefits to this community.
Thank you so much for talking with me and seriously considering this important
commitment. Please call (________[phone number]) or e-mail (_________________[email address]) me by ___________[date] to let me know your willingness to serve with
us on this team.