1) Why do males often compete for

1) Why do males often compete for
access to females more than females
compete for access to males
• A) males invest less in reproduction
• B) access to females limits male reproduction,
but not the reverse
• C) both of the above
2) Fisherian runaway
• A) means that selection favors faster running
• B) depends on a genetic correlation between
preference and trait genes
• C) is a “good genes” explanation for why
females have mating preferences
• D) means that daughters express the same
mating preferences as their brothers
• E) applies only to birds
3) “good genes”
• A) is shorthand for the selection on female
mating preferences that result in attractive
sons, but not higher viability
• B) is the idea that male display traits reveal
something about male genetic quality
• C) has very little data to support it
4) Sexual selection in plants
• A) makes basically the same predictions as in
• B) predicts floral investment in displays is
primarily repaid via export of pollen
• C) depends upon animal pollinators, not wind
• D) all of the above
5) Sperm competition
• A) only occurs in species in which females
mate with multiple males
• B) favors infanticide
• C) can favor traits such as large testis, large
numbers of sperm, and modifications of male
• D) all of the above
• E) A and C above, but not B