Grading Criteria Guide for lab experiment report 03202013.doc

Grading Criteria Guide for Lab Experiment Reports (adjust % points for each section as needed)
A-Report Format/Form 10%: Report contains items listed below and demonstrates standard application of college level
1-Title Page: name of experiment/project, By…. name of student (s), Required Partial Fulfillment for Successful Completion of
course name and number, name of Instructor
2-Index Page: contains list of pages and contents
3-Objective of Experiment: Clear, concise purpose(s) for the experiment
4-Theory/Background: Contains theoretical information, formulas, calculations, tables, circuit diagrams, data from external
sources (i.e. Textbook, Internet, Library References)
5-Procedure/Data Collection: Contains data collected from the actual in the experiment
6-Circuit Simulation: Contains data generated by Simulation Software (i.e. Multisim)
7-Project Management: Contains information about management of time, budget, task, and final report
9-Summary/Reflection: Contains information about results produced; Compares actual, simulated, and theoretical data
calculated; Discusses % error and explains feed-back of the correction s made to system to improve results
10-References/Data Sheets: Contains data sheets, tables, industry used references, and sources used to produce final report
B-Data Accuracy 40% to 70% (variable according to grading scheme): Circuit operation, diagram, labels, calculations, and data
Circuit Operation
Data Summary
Functional Lab
experiment evaluates
Data accuracy and
correct application of
theory 70%
Circuit is built
according to
Circuit functions
correctly with
appropriate input s
and output
Circuit Diagrams are
correct and complete
Schematics are
computer generated
and labeled
Measurement devices
connected and used
Correct formulas are
used with appropriate
units of
Accuracy of data
calculation conforms
to standard
appropriate to lab
Measured data
matches circuit
simulation and theory
Calculation of error is
C-Circuit simulation 20% (Circuit simulation is built according to schematic, Circuit simulation functions correctly with
appropriate input s and output, Measurement devices connected and used correctly)
D-Presentation in class (if used adjust % in other sections to 100 points total) 10% : uses technology to present lab, answers
questions in the class, explains concepts clearly
E-Answer question for labs (if used adjust % in other sections to 100 points total) 20%
F-Team-work for each student (if used adjust % in other sections to 100 points total) 10%-20% (Member participates in building
circuits, Member measures operating circuit values, Member collects data for analysis, Members runs simulation software to
generate data, Members communicate their thoughts in building circuits and measurement of data, Members agree on results
produced by the lab experiment actual, Members produce a lab report).