A brief for a level 3 web site - unit standards 25657 and 25658 (DOC, 55KB)

A brief for a level 3 web site - unit standards 25657 and 25658
In this case, the student has been asked to create a web site for a school English
department. Here is an example of how the student might write the brief.
Brief (written by student)
The task here is to construct a web site for the English department. The target
audience will be students and staff. The web site will have eight pages and will be
able to be viewed in two browsers (Internet Explorer) and (Mozilla Firefox). The site
will need to set up to be viewed by people with disabilities.
The site will be broken down as follows. More details are available in the attached
One site index page
One sub-index page for each of the five year levels 9-13
One page on this year’s Year 13 Shakespeare topic
One page outlining course requirements at each level
Media (photos taken by myself and graphics on the school website) and
enhancements will be used to add interest to the site.
The site will serve as a foundation for future developments, and so no attempt has
been made to provide complete coverage for the English department.
Site navigation
The user will navigate this site using a frame at the left of the screen, containing
graphic images with buttons, linked to the other pages. Each frame will be
contextual; that is, the buttons will change according to which page is being
accessed at the time.
Dreamweaver, Photoshop LE, Anywhere College’s Course Booklet, text from Mrs
Brown, images available on the school network or accessed and referenced correctly
from other sources. Digital camera to take photos. Internet Explorer and Mozilla
The stakeholders for this project are Mr Smith, the College Webmaster, and Mrs
Brown, the Assistant HOD English, who is acting as the major stakeholder for the
Key Factors
Key factors in this project are the restricted time available (four weeks), and the
requirement to have original digital photographs of staff and students. I will need to
learn how to use a digital camera and Photoshop LE in order to complete it.
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1. Although this task has a definite school focus, it can be very easily modified for
workplace or tertiary provider use.
2. Clearly, there are other ways of presenting this information; the example is
intended to illustrate the content a student might provide.
3. The suggested time allocation for this project in a school would be very tight. In
the workplace, it would probably be too long.
4. There may not be a noticeable difference between this brief and a level 4 web
design brief. The level 4 standard will require extra features in the web site, and
the brief will reflect this.
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