Assessment schedule (DOC, 46KB)

Unit 2786 Assessment Schedule
Outcomes of assessor judgements using the following schedule will be recorded on the student
results/cover sheet, if the format used in this resource is followed. As the student results sheet indicates,
final assessor judgements should be at element level, once evidence indicated collectively by the
performance criteria has been considered.
A database model has been selected
Student identifies most suitable database eg
The plan identifies the purpose and
specifications required.
Any appropriate wording will be acceptable as
long as it indicates the purpose and specifications,
a full description of the data table; a list of fields,
including the field size, type, formatting and four
query designs to be used in keeping with the brief.
(see evidence guide).
The database fields are created and
managed and checked against the
plan to ensure specifications have
been met.
The database table is created as per the
specifications given in the plan – size, data type
and format.
Test records are created and checked
for to ensure they are error free.
Checks made to ensure all data can
be read, that the table is presented
professionally and that data integrity is
assured (eg all DOBs are feasible, M/F
and telephone data correct).
All 16 required records are added to the database.
(see evidence guide). All of range – accuracy,
readability, presentation, data integrity in place in
the student’s table.
Evidence of editing will be shown by:
the correction of the mistakes in the original data –
spelling of Nottingham.
Records are added and deleted and
fields updated as required.
Database is managed.
Addition of records - Roberta Tuck, Jack Baldrick;
updated fields - Marion Hood;
deleted records - Fleur Tuck, Robert Much.
The actual evidence comes from the printouts of
the database table.
(see evidence guide)
Student should demonstrate how they
ensured data integrity eg comparison
with original source – use of peer to
cross check.
Updated table should be correct. Teacher should
question student for practices used to ensure data
(see evidence guide)
Records sorted alphabetically and
Printouts one and two will demonstrate sort.
(see evidence guide)
Queries are applied.
Four queries are produced and printed containing
the requested data. (Sorting is not being tested
here but all data must be correct).
(see evidence guide)
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