San Mateo County Community College District Bond Oversight Committee April 10, 2003


San Mateo County Community College District

Bond Oversight Committee

April 10, 2003

Members Present:

Hien Kieu, Ronald Fick, Jim Wyatt, Coleman Campbell, Marta

Bookbinder, Stanley Gross, and Marion McDowell

Others Present:

Barbara Christensen, Jose Nuñez, Lynn Pontacq, John Baker (Swinerton), and Carol Regan

The meeting was called to order and roll taken by Chairman Jim Wyatt at 4:35. The minutes of the January 23, 2002 meeting were approved.

Barbara Christensen passed around a copy of the Community Newsletter and discussed the newsletter’s distribution which is mailed to approximately 60,000 individuals in the community. The San Mateo County Community College District’s Bond Oversight Committee’s

Report to the Community is on page two of the newsletter.

Jim Wyatt presented the Committee’s Report to the Community to the San Mateo County

Community College District’s Board of Trustees on February 24, 2003

Navigation to the Bond Oversight Committee’s Website was demonstrated by Barbara

Christensen. Through the District’s Website (

), there is a “Facilities” section under which is a link to the Bond Oversight Website. From that page, there are links to information concerning the Committee Members, Meeting Minutes and Agendas, Community

Reports, Financial Reports (which is updated periodically to show the most current expenditures), and Other Reports and Information. Jose Nuñez also let the Committee Members know that all the reports that the Facilities Department has presented are available on the

Facilities Site

Jose Nuñez and John Baker gave an update regarding the Bond Projects. Their presentation detailed:

Program Definition Process

Construction Progress (Cañada, CSM, Skyline, and District projects through the

Summer of 2003)

Current Design Work (on projects at all sites scheduled for 2004 and beyond)

Initiatives (sub-contractor specifications, standards, and insurance & labor compliance)

Per Marta Bookbinder’s inquiry, Jose Nuñez stated that John Baker is the Program

Manager for the Capital Improvement Program, not an employee of the District. Following the successful bond campaign, the District conducted an extensive proposal & selection process in which Swinerton Construction was chosen as the Capital Improvement Program Consultant and

John Baker works on District-wide matters; there are also Site Managers at each campus and one at the District Office.


Lynn Pontacq presented the Cumulative Report on Expenditures through March 31,

2003. Ms. Pontacq stated that this report reflects only the portion of each project that is being charged to the Bond Funds. She also reiterated that no District employee salaries are being charged to this fund. Committee Members requested that future reports include both building numbers and names. Members also requested that they include the original budgeted amounts, any budget adjustments made, and current budget for each project. They requested that Mr.

Nuñez and Mr. Baker notify them of any significant changes being made to expenditures for any given project.

Committee Member’s Comments included Hien Kieu’s statement to the other members that he will be transferring at the end of the semester. Chairman Wyatt stated that he should notify the Chancellor’s office of his intention so that a replacement can be located and congratulated him on his successes while here. This was echoed by all present.

Chairman Wyatt stated that, per the Committee’s Guidelines, the Chairperson’s term is for one year and suggested that nominations for the 2003-2004 year be added to the next meeting’s agenda. All members concurred. Each member’s term is for two years with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Member Coleman Campbell stated that the guidelines also state that members should participate in site visits and review bid proposals as part of their oversight duties. He asked all members present if they believed they needed to do those things. Jose Nuñez offered to coordinate any site visits that the committee felt necessary. Member Marta Bookbinder suggested that future presentations include pictures and Mr. Nuñez stated that could easily be done and will be included in forthcoming updates.

Chairman Wyatt called for Public Comments and received none.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00.