Peralta Board Workshop Comments

Peralta Board Workshop Comments
Challenges and Issues Facing PCCD
Employment training and placement
Responding to the needs of returning veterans
Providing sufficient remediation and social services to support PCCD students
Identifying and engaging local external funding sources to support the activities of
Re-focusing PCCD priorities and resources on the district’s colleges
Insuring that District planning includes equitable representation of all
Building a strong , well trained staff while reducing reliance on outside consultants
Satisfactorily complete the conversion of the district‘s information technology
systems to insure accurate data reporting
Professional and Personal Characteristics of the next Chancellor
Demonstrated experience in strategic and operation planning in a higher
educational setting
Demonstrated data driven decision-making
Demonstrated understanding of the roles of funding, matriculation and curriculum
in managing a multi-college district
Respectful of diverse cultural and organizational issues
Respectful of all employees groups but able to challenge staff on sound decisionmaking
Demonstrated ability to interact with the local service area communities
Able to advocate for PCCCD with state and federal agencies
Able to evaluate appropriate staffing levels needed to carry out district operations