Complete Survey

Math 320 Student Survey
Spring 2005
What do you like to be called? __________________________________________
Phone: __________________________ Email: ____________________________
Describe yourself as a learner of mathematics. For example: Do you enjoy or feel
confident in math? What things help you learn or don’t help you learn math?
What should I know about you that will help me teach this course?
Please take a few minutes to carefully answer the following question:
A student writes “The limit of the sequence of numbers 1,  12 , 13 ,  14 , 15 ,  16 , ... is zero
because the numbers get smaller and smaller” Critique this statement. Can it be made
more precise? Does it need to be made more precise?
What would you say to this student?
Math 320 Student Survey
Spring 2005
Can you add to this list of criteria for mathematical explanation? Do you agree with
the list?
1. Makes clear at the outset what is being explained, and why you start there, and
carefully connects the explanation to toh question or idea being explained.
2. Uses representation(s) accurately (algebraic, geometric, pictorial, etc.).
3. Defines terms as needed, and uses available definitions as needed.
4. Is calibrated to the context (considers the learner's level).
5. Starts from the beginning, and traces the logical flow of the reasoning.
6. Links the language and diagrams clearly to the steps of the argument.
7. Strives to be as simple and clear as possible.