Syllabus for 2012 GrantWriting FLC

FLC Syllabus for: Writing and Submitting Successful Grant Proposals
FLC Facilitators: Jana Noel and Lynn Tashiro
FLC focus
This FLC will collaboratively engage faculty over a sustained period of time (1 year) to
develop and refine skills in grant writing that can lead to funded grant proposals. The
goal of this FLC is to provide opportunities for faculty to prepare successful grant
proposals that will enable them to conduct research, publish, and/or develop innovative
curricular or pedagogical strategies, as well as assist those faculty to develop as leaders in
this area.
The ultimate outcomes for faculty participants will be submission of at least one grant
proposal, development as grant proposal peer reviewers for FLC members, and
leadership development in the area of grant writing that faculty can take with them to
their departments and colleges in working with other faculty.
FLC Outcomes:
The outcomes of the FLC include the following:
Each FLC member will be able to:
1. Navigate the campus grant system to find available external and internal grants.
2. Identify at least one funding agency for their grant proposal.
3. Identify and write to the required sections of their selected grant RFP.
4. Serve as a peer reviewer for at least one colleague during the FLC.
5. Exhibit leadership within the FLC.
6. Exhibit leadership within their department related to grant writing.
FLC Deliverables will include the following:
Each FLC member will:
1. Submit at least one proposal to a grant funding agency.
2. Submit a plan for leadership in their department related to grant writing.
FLC Timeline for Calendar Year 2012
Meeting #
1. Introduction to
the FLC
2. Brainstorming
and sharing
members’ goals
1. Identifying
(all meetings face to face)
• distribution of schedule,
discussion of FLC process
& deliverables
• Workshop provided by
Office of Research
1. Each FLC
member will
2012 FLC Syllabus for Writing Grant Proposals
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Sources of
External Funding
1. Models of
Successful Grant
2. Writing time –
blocking out
1. The Big Picture:
Project Scope
and Sequence
1. Resources and
1. Review or
expansion on
previous topics
based on FLC
1. Writing time and
• Examination of successful
grant proposals – from
government, private,
foundations, as well as
internal grant
• Identify sections of grant
• Writing time to write to
specific sections of an
identified grant proposal
1. Defining the Problem
2. Developing the solution
3. Timeline for completion
of grant-supported
• Creating a budget and
writing the budget
• Using formative and
Summative assessment
• Formative evaluation of
this FLC
create a list of 510 possible
funding agencies
or RFPs
1. Each FLC
member will
outline the
required sections
for a grant
2. Each member
will submit a
draft of at least
one section of a
grant proposal
1. Each member
will submit their
project summary
Faculty will
deliver the first
draft* of their
*facilitators will
use the drafts to
plan the
curriculum for
the second
• Peer review and pairshare of grant proposal
drafts prepared during
spring and summer
• Troubleshoot, identify
problems and concerns
• Faculty writing time
• guest presenters and
consultation as needed
1. Writing time and • Faculty writing time
• guest presenters and
consultation as needed
2012 FLC Syllabus for Writing Grant Proposals
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1. Writing time proofreading
1. Reflection and
plans for the
• Project dissemination By Nov. 19
looking at journals outside **Pedagogy
the discipline – such as
teaching focused,
proposal due
engagement, higher
education, GE
• Focus group discussion on By Dec. 7 all
the effectiveness of the
faculty should
FLC in developing grant
have developed
writing skills
and submitted
• Creation of leadership
one grant
plan for sharing grant
proposal to a
writing resources & skills
funding agency
** At minimum all faculty will submit either a proposal to our campus Pedagogy
Enhancement Award Program or ASI or UEI grant program. These campus sponsored
grant programs are broad enough to ensure at least one grant proposal submission.
Stipend award date will be after all deliverables are received and will not be later than
Dec. 31, 2012.
2012 FLC Syllabus for Writing Grant Proposals
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