The Textbook
Unlike any mathematics class that you may have had in the past, you will be expected to read the
text carefully and understand the mathematics that you read. We can and will spend class time
discussing particular ideas from the text.
The first chapter is mostly review. You should read it in its entirety over the first week or two of
class. I will discuss certain items in detail and give problem assignments over the next few
weeks. There will be times when we follow the text closely and other times when we delve
deeper or skip around.
In mathematics, words have very precise meaning with ambiguity (hopefully) removed entirely.
It is important that we share a common understanding of the mathematical terms we use. To that
end, the words that we commonly use will be defined very carefully and it is of paramount
importance that we all know the definitions. I have created a “vocabulary” page that you should
keep in your notebook and add to as needed.