GEOL 10 Physical Geology section 2 (Wheeler)

Geology 10 – Physical Geology
SYLLABUS Spring 2016
Tues. / Thurs. 10:30-11:45
Room Sequoia 325
Instructor: Dr. Greg Wheeler
Office: 1007 Placer Hall
Office phone: 278-3919
Office Hours: TR 2:30-4,
W 1-2 or by appointment
General Information
The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of earth materials and
geologic processes through study of planet Earth.
Catalog Description
Rocks and their mineral constituents, geological processes such as weathering,
erosion, glaciation, mountain building, etc., volcanoes, earthquakes, folds, faults,
the earth's interior, plate tectonics and earth resources. Field trip. Fee course.
Graded: Graded Student. Units: 3.0
Area B-1 Physical Science Student Learning Outcomes - students will be
able to:
 Explain and apply core ideas and models concerning physical systems
and mechanisms, citing critical observations, underlying assumptions and
 Describe how scientists create explanations of natural phenomena based
on the systematic collection of empirical evidence subjected to rigorous
testing and/or experimentation.
 Access and evaluate scientific information, including interpreting tables,
graphs and equations.
 Recognize evidence-based conclusions and form reasoned opinions
about science-related matters of personal, public and ethical concern.
Required Text: Plummer, Carlson & Hammersley, Physical Geology. (15th
Edition – ISBN 978-0-07-809610-5). It is important that you read the assigned
sections before coming to class and again, more carefully after class.
There are a total of 5 exams in the course. All exams are worth 40 points, will be
short essay, and last 45 minutes. The last exam is given during final’s week. I will
discard the lowest score among the first four, but you must keep the last exam.
There will be no makeup exam, for the first exam missed. Persons who miss
more than one exam may make up the exam within one week of the test date.
Make up exams will be harder than the original exam.
160-136 = A
135-120 = B
119-88 = C
87-80 = D
79-0 =
Plus and minus grades may be assigned when point totals are near the point
value border for a grade.
Field Trip
We will take a one-day field trip on ----??(Saturday). The field trip is mandatory,
and will greatly aid in your understanding of many of the concepts in the course.
Attendance and Class Objectives
Regular attendance is required for you to do well in this class. I don’t post
lectures or my slides online – you’ll need to be present to get the
Please try to arrive on time. If you are late, please enter quietly to
minimize disruption to the class.
If you need to leave class early (i.e. for an appointment), please let me
know beforehand and sit by a door to minimize class disturbance.
Please turn all phones OFF while in class.