Mentored service-learning project

Student Engagement Fund
Application Due Thursday, October 15, 2015
Mentored Service Learning Projects:
Project Information: (no more than 250 words for each)
1. Project title:
2. Background: Explain the present state of knowledge of the community you were working with,
understanding of the work that you community organization is doing. Provide the background of
the topic in an engaging manner (e.g., relate topic to reader, raise interesting questions, note
topic’s importance in field, etc.). Realize this may be the first experience with formal research
for some students. Make it clear why you want to do this project, and why it needs to be
3. Impact: Explain the significance of your service learning project as it contributes to the
organization, community, and the world. (i.e. the big picture)
4. Project Objectives: Clearly and concisely state the service learning objective or concept that will
be addressed during the period of the proposed service learning project.
5. What will be the potential final product of the proposed service learning? (poster; report; a
publishable article or chapter, a performance; a policy recommendation, and other)
6. Please provide a position description for the undergraduate student appointment that you are
7. Specify necessary skills and prerequisite course work. Desired qualifications may also be
8. Explain how this position will enhance a student’s undergraduate experience and how it relates
to the required academic major(s) and/or future career of the student.
9. Is there a specific student(s) you would like to fund for this research project?
a. Student(s)’ name and Z-ID
b. Which college the student is getting a degree from
c. Upload the student faculty contract
10. Do you need assistance in finding a student?
Funding Information:
11. Are you applying for stipend and/ or expense?
a. STIPEND award: (Stipends for students are for 8 hours a week for up to 120 hours at the
rate of $10/hour for a maximum award of $1200)
i. Estimate the number of hours per week you anticipate the student will work –
not to exceed 8 hours per week, with the expectation that they will average 5-8
hours per week.
EXPENSE award: (Expense awards will range from $250 to $2500. Eligible expenses
include (but are not limited to): Conference registration fees; Travel expenses (excluding
local transportation); Materials, equipment and supplies specific to the project; Direct
project expenses (e.g. copying, mailing surveys, etc)
Volunteer/Non-profit agency information:
12. Agency name:
13. Contact person:
14. Contact title:
15. Contact e-mail:
16. Contact phone:
17. Agency website:
18. Contact Address:
Student Engagement Fund
Application Due Thursday, October 15, 2015
Contact City, State, Zip
Brief description of the agency:
Does this project tie into a specific course? Yes or no
If yes, identify the course to which you wish to apply this credit.
Supporting Documents:
23. Itemized budget: Please provide a brief justification for the proposed expenses in the budget.
This document is only needed if you are applying for an expense award.
24. Timeline: Provide a timeline of activities. Include specific benchmarks that students will achieve
throughout the semester to indicate that they are on task. This timeline should be on a weekly
or bi-weekly. Timelines written in narrative form will not be accepted.
25. Student faculty contract: This agreement is designed to promote understanding and
commitment to the role, responsibilities and expectations of both students and
faculty/staff mentors who participate in the program.