PartII Assurances

Name of Grant Program:
Digital Connections Partnership Schools Grant
Fund Code: N/A
By signing this document (if applicable), I am attesting that I have read and understand the obligations of
all of the assurance statements on these two pages. I will mail the original copy of this document to the
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, as directed, and keep a copy for
reference in the district.
FAX: (
This document certifies the applicant's agreement to the assurances below. Failure to comply with these assurances may result in
withholding or recovery of funds.
Devices counted toward the local will match meet current recommended technology specifications for online PARCC assessments.
The district will develop, maintain, and disseminate current policies for the following laws and regulations:
Public notice of directory information disclosures and opt-out process
Data security practices and policies and data governance policies
Digital Copyright Millennium Act (DCMA)
FERPA and 603 CMR 23.00
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
Responsible Use Policy
For parents, information on their rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Act (PPRA) when applicable
The district certifies that every school that will benefit from these funds it is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act
(CIPA) as amended in the Broadband Data Improvement Act S.1492.
The district will provide assistive technology based on the needs of the student population.
Funds will only be expended for the benefit of the school buildings awarded this grant and only for the benefit of educators and
students who teach and learn within funded school buildings.
Funds will not be expended for school buildings scheduled for decommissioning or razing within 10 years from the completion of
projects funded by this grant. The superintendent is responsible for consulting with local government and the Massachusetts School
Building Authority (MSBA), as needed, to ascertain the likelihood of any and all school building projects, whether anticipated or
Projects will occur only on and within publicly owned real property maintained for the benefit of the school district.
The district will apply for all E-rate discounts on all eligible Category One and Two (formerly Priority One and Priority Two) products
and services. If the district elects to apply for E-rate discounts through MassIT, the district agrees to cooperate with MassIT in a timely
way in providing all of the documentation needed for approval.
If named a finalist for this grant, the district will obtain quotes from state-approved vendors no later than January 31, 2015.
If named a finalist for this grant, the district shall commit to providing local matching funds based on a schedule and terms agreed to
between the district and MassIT. The district will agree to such a schedule no later than January 31, 2015.
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The district or municipality will establish a line item in the district or municipal budget for technology infrastructure, separate from
instructional technology, and identifies an associated funding stream that provides a reliable resource for replenishing and sustaining
any devices funded through this project.
The district agrees to share with MassIT and the Department information and data about funded projects at all stages of the project,
including implementation of digital learning initiatives.
The district agrees to cooperate with MassIT and the Department in hosting “demonstration sites” whereby educators from other
districts may visit funded schools and observe and learn from the district’s digital learning initiatives.
The district agrees to cooperate with MassIT and the Department in studies of funded projects by either agency or third parties.
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