Variety of Fields Programs
2014 Policy Advisory
This advisory clarifies definitions for initial licensure programs that are presented to the Department under the
Variety of Fields program options: Variety of Fields – Middle School or Variety of Fields - Secondary.
In 2001, changes to the Regulations for Educator Licensure and Preparation Program Approval (603 CMR 7.00)
expanded opportunities for districts and other providers to deliver accelerated, alternative route, postbaccalaureate programs.
Definition of Variety of Fields Programs
Variety of Fields programs are:
1) One program comprised of a variety of fields/content areas (see chart below);
2) Post-baccalaureate programs with a strong and expanded practical foundation focused on the
Professional Standards for Teachers;
3) Built around intensive licensure preparation activities and pedagogical/practical preparation associated
with the specific 5-8 and/or 8-12 licenses for which the MTEL is a unique measure of candidate
Variety of Fields - Middle School (5-8)
Earth Science
Political Science/Political Philosophy
General Science
Middle School: Humanities
Middle School: Mathematics/Science
Variety of Fields - Secondary (8-12)
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Earth Science
- English
- History
- Mathematics
- Physics
- Political Science/Philosophy
4) Based on one program of study/set of coursework and delivered with careful attention to focused
differentiation of assignments and experiences appropriate to the specific subject matter areas in
which candidates are to be licensed.
Specifications for Organizations that Currently Hold Variety of Fields Approvals
Organizations that currently hold state approval to deliver Variety of Fields programs as previously defined will
retain authorization to implement educator preparation programming in all licensure areas previously approved,
as noted in their letters of formal or informal approval. Effective with the next formal review process, these
organizations will adhere to the guidance offered in this advisory pertaining to the newly defined Variety of
Fields programs. Programs that were previously included under the umbrella of Variety of Fields may need to be
put forth as individual programs.
Applying for Variety of Fields programs
If an educator preparation program provider applies for a Variety of Fields program they will be approved to
offer all of the programs that comprise the Variety of Fields program. If a sponsoring organization does not wish
to offer all of the programs that comprise a Variety of Fields program, they should put forth desired programs
Variety of Fields