Budget Justification Your Name Here, 1 the

Budget Justification
Your Name Here, 1
[Maximum of 2 pages. Please delete red text.
Please see the Tri-Agency Financial Guide for information on eligible and ineligible expenses.
Use the budget categories listed below (from the Funds Requested from SSHRC section), but delete any
that are not applicable to your request. All budget costs must be fully justified in terms of the needs of
the research. Incorporate as much detail as possible, including calculations where applicable.
Committees will use the principle of minimum essential funding to guide their discussions of project
A. Personnel Costs
Student salaries and benefits/Stipends [Indicate the number of students to be hired, the level of the
students (e.g. undergraduate, Masters, doctorate), the work term and hours, the rate of pay (if hourly),
and the total amount required. Justify the number of students and their level of study relative to the
objectives of the proposed research and their responsibilities (e.g. do not request a doctorate-level
assistant if the tasks may be done by an undergraduate.) Use UNB’s rates for graduate students.]
Enter text here.
Non-student salaries and benefits/Stipends [It is very important to justify budget costs for research
assistants or associates (e.g. postdoctoral fellows) who are not students.]
Enter text here.
B. Travel and subsistence costs [It is imperative to distinguish between types of travel, i.e. for research
purposes and for communication purposes (e.g. conference travel). Use UNB’s Travel Policy.]
Applicant/Team member(s)
Enter text here.
Enter text here.
C. Other expenses [For tools for research and related activities, it is mandatory to provide a table
indicating amounts by item (e.g. professional/technical services, supplies, etc.), as these separate
amounts cannot be included individually in the Funds Requested from SSHRC section. For more
information, please see the Guidelines for Support of Tools for Research]
Professional/Technical services
Enter text here.
Enter text here.
Non-disposable equipment
Enter text here.
Other expenses (specify)
Enter text here.