Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects

Form 101: Proposal
Name, PIN
[Max 11 pgs]
Introduction [approx. 1 pg: Using the target area descriptions, identify the target area and research
topic that your proposal addresses. Clearly explain why the research you propose is strategic and how it
fits the target area. The explanation must address all parts of the target area description—the context, the
description of the research topic, and the limitations within the research topic. If the research you
propose falls within the Context section of a target area but outside the priority research topic
descriptions, you must provide justification for it to be considered. Insufficient information on this
aspect can result in the rejection of a proposal. NSERC will give priority to those applications which
clearly fall within the priority research topics. However, the selection panel may allocate up to 20% of
the target area’s budget to fund proposals that they deem to be "exceptional opportunities outside the
research topics." Indicate if this application is a re-submission and, if so, explain how the concerns
of the selection panel have been addressed.]
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Section 1: Objectives, Methodology and Work Plan [approx. 7 pgs: Describe the objectives of the
project, both short and long term. Explain how the research relates to the current scientific, technical and
commercial developments in the field with references to literature pertinent to the proposal, and describe
the background research on which the project is built. Use the REFERENCE module for the literature
review. Describe the approach, the research methodology, the experimental design and techniques, and
how the new knowledge and technology is expected to impact on the field of the proposed research.
Specify the pertinent expertise, the individual roles and the expected contributions of the members of the
research team to the project. Provide evidence that the necessary expertise to conduct the project is
available. Refer to the Personal Data Forms as needed. Provide a project work plan that includes details
of collaboration and communication among the researchers, how the research team and the project will
be managed and the availability of the equipment and infrastructure. Justify the need for funds referring
to the Budget page of the application.]
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Section 2: Training Plan [approx. 1 pg: Describe the training plan for the project, including
information on how the supporting organizations are involved in the training and the potential to provide
highly qualified personnel with skills relevant to the needs of Canadian organizations.]
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Section 3: Interactions with Supporting Organizations and Technology Transfer Plan [approx. 1
pg: Describe the interactions with the supporting organizations and ensure that the material required
from them is attached to the application. Describe the plan for knowledge and technology transfer,
including the strategy for communicating the research results. Use the Intellectual Property Attachment section to attach a copy of any research or intellectual property agreement related to this
project that exists between the academic institution and the supporting organizations.]
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Section 4: Potential Benefits to Canada and Supporting Organizations [approx. 1 pg: Describe the
potential benefits to Canada and the supporting organizations that will arise from the project. Explain
how they might be realized and the time frame over which they can be expected. Where possible,
describe the potential benefits in terms of an existing or future value chain.]
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