Form 101: Proposal – Engage
Name, PIN
[Max 2 pages]
Overview of the company-specific problem [Describe the company specific problem to be addressed
and the extent to which the company will benefit from scientific or technical advances, or the innovative
techniques, processes or products that will be developed in the proposed project. Only projects that fall
within the natural sciences and engineering fields will be considered.]
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Research project [Briefly outline the underlying challenges, the scientific issues, research problems or
technical complexities associated with solving the company problem. Outline the methodology proposed
to resolve the problem and demonstrate its innovative nature. Identify the milestones and deliverables,
and provide a work plan. Describe how the company will be involved in the project; an in-kind
contribution from the company is required to demonstrate its engagement.]
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Research competence [Explain how the knowledge and experience of the applicant relates to the
expertise needed to accomplish the project objectives. Explain also how the contributions of the team
members (including, if applicable, company personnel) will be integrated into the project objectives.
The applicant must be an NSERC-eligible researcher and must have been granted peer-reviewed
research support in the fields of the natural sciences and/or engineering from a recognized federal or
provincial granting agency within the past six years. Researchers belonging to a health oriented
university faculty (e.g. medicine, pharmacology, dentistry, etc.) are eligible for an Engage Grant only if
they have been awarded an NSERC Discovery Grant within the past six years.]
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Contribution to the technology transfer [Describe how communication between the university
research group and the company staff will occur and be managed, and how the technology will be
transferred to the company.]
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Benefit to Canada [Outline any additional economic, social and environmental benefits that could be
realized in Canada within a reasonable time.]
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