SSHRC PG or PDG Relevance Form

URF Priority Area – SSHRC Partnership, Partnership Development, or Connection Grant
Researchers who currently hold tri-council funding may apply for regular URF funding if they will use
the award to facilitate a future SSHRC Partnership (PG), Partnership Development (PDG), or
Connection (CG) grant application led by UNB. This SSHRC application must be submitted within two
years of the URF award.
The committee will prioritize projects that demonstrate a clear focus on activities related to the
background and preparatory work required to submit a strong SSHRC application, and/or those that
involve research undertaken as part of a pilot project that will be expanded during the proposed SSHRCfunded research.
URF funds may be used to cover expenses SSHRC considers eligible for these programs, as well as
travel expenses incurred while conferring with co-applicants, partners, and participants on the future PG
or PDG application, or planning the CG outreach activity or event.
Researchers who submit projects for funding under this URF priority area will include, in addition to the
regularly requested materials for the URF program, a one-page justification to provide the following:
an explanation of how their projects align with SSHRC’s subject-matter eligibility (see
a brief description of the future SSHRC project, including a list of probable co-applicants and
partners (PG, PDG), or co-applicants, participants and/or presenters (CG)
a discussion of how the URF project fits into the future SSHRC proposal
Projects that identify alignment to this priority area will be assessed for fit during the URF review
Further information on these SSHRC programs can be found at:
Partnership Program
Partnership Development Program
Connection Program
URF Priority Area – SSHRC Partnership, Partnership Development, or Connection Grant
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Provide a brief description of your PG, PDG, or CG project, including a list of probable coapplicants and partners.
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Indicate how your URF project fits into your future SSHRC proposal.
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