Lesson Plan Teacher: Holly Harrison Date: 3rd 9 Weeks

Lesson Plan
Teacher: Holly Harrison
Date: 3rd 9 Weeks
Subject / grade level: Exploring Career Decisions/ 8th Grade
Materials: Alice Software, Internet Access, Projector, Computer, Printouts (Tutorials, Storyboard)
NC SCOS Essential Standards and Clarifying Objectives:
6518 – Understand where to seek employment; Understand how interests and values influence career choices.
6.TT.1 - Use technology and other resources for the purpose of accessing, organizing, and sharing information.
Lesson objective(s): Students will be able to –
Assess individual interests and values with personality testing
Identify the various jobs associated with the 16 different industries/clusters
Determine which industry strongly relates to student interests/values
Create multimedia project using Alice programming software
Summarize research of industry/cluster related careers via multimedia project
Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs:
 Give student specific information on their chosen industry rather than having them complete research to find.
 Have main elements on storyboard and have them add notes/extras in guided practice.
 Video requirements lessened to 30seconds.
 Have students write down a list of their interests, values and interested careers. (three for each category)
 Take volunteers (2) to share answers and write on the board. Discuss with student whether their interests any of the
careers they chose. Explain that many times its good to assess our interests and values to learn about careers that are
closely to your particular interests in values.
 Have students complete the career industry survey online at http://www.vaview.org/68/check-it/who-r-u/
Record final results on Career Search Survey handout.
Regroup as a whole and have two or three students discuss their results. Were they surprised by anything? What are
some of the career industries/clusters they learned of during their research? Do they believe interests and values affect
career choice? Why or why not?
 Explain to students they will begin working on a multimedia project that will summarize their research on one career
industry. They should use the industry the survey suggested to them and have already gathered information on. They will
use Alice, 3d Animation program to build their project.
 Show students example of student project on Careers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV2mqo4DrEo
 Students should first create a storyboard for their two minute project.
 Provide students with a storyboard handout and rubric for assessment.(They should know storyboarding from CA in 7th
grade. Review if needed)
 Announce to students we will begin tutorials on how to use Alice programming the following day. (Use premade tutorials
and handouts at http://www.cs.duke.edu/csed/alice09/tutorials.php