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Use this form to identify the lessons learned from the project.
Project Name:
Project Manager
General Project Issues and Communications
How clearly defined were the objectives for this project?
How clearly defined were the objectives for your work?
How clear were you on your role in the project?
How adequately involved did you feel in project decisions?
How efficient and effective were project team meetings?
How efficient and effective were technical meetings?
How well do you feel the executives & governance groups supported this project?
How adequate has cross-functional participation been?
How effective was the project leadership on the project? How could this have been improved?
How well did the project leadership and project team communicate with each other? What could be done to improve
the communications in future projects?
Project Schedule Issues
Were there any diversions, unplanned tasks or projects that required you to reduce the scheduled amount of work on
the project? If so, what were these?
Did the scheduled project tasks for you conflict with other planned projects or tasks? Was any attempt made to
reconcile these schedule conflicts if they did occur?
Were task estimates and task schedules for you relatively accurate?
Were there tasks you had to complete that were not originally planned for you? If so, what were these and why do you
believe they were missed originally?
Knowing what you know now, how would you do the scheduling/estimating process differently next time to avoid any
problems noted above?
Design, Development, Testing & Implementation Processes
How effective was the architecture and system design of the new systems?
How effective were the functional/design specs?
How well was/were the interfaces conversion defined and designed?
How well were design and interface decisions documented?
How effective has interaction/cooperation between internal/external technical teams?
How useful was the unit testing?
How smooth do you feel the Integration Testing was?
How comprehensive was the Integration Testing?
How effective was the Go-Live planning?
How effective was the Post Go-Live planning and support defined?
What were the main causes for schedule slips, and how could we avoid those causes in the future?
Was the project significantly delayed/hampered by outside dependencies (outside to the project that is)? Which ones?
How to solve?
What were the main bottlenecks in the process?
What were the main sources of frustration in the project?
Were the training requirements for the project handled adequately? If not, how could this process in the project be
For the next project, how/what could we improve in the way the project was conducted?