Application Word Version

The University of Akron
NE Ohio ACHIEVE Application
Application Due Date: 1/8/16
(Applications must be received by this date to be considered)
Mail your completed application and have transcripts sent to:
Diane Hergenrather
The University of Akron
Department of Curricular & Instructional Studies
Akron, OH 44325-4205
Your application must include the following items:
ACHIEVE application – general information related to your current teaching position
and experience with English Learners (2 pages, including essay)
Graduate School application – demographic/contact information and educational
experience. If selected, you will be directed to complete an official application with
the university replicating the information. (2 pages)
Cohort and Registration Agreement – Document you need to sign acknowledging
your responsibilities if selected. (1 page)
Transcripts – request from any university (other than The University of Akron) listed
on your Graduate School application (primarily interested in degree conferrals and
licensure-program coursework).
The University of Akron
NE Ohio ACHIEVE Application
Date of Application:
Years of Teaching:
Highest Degree Earned:
Grade Level:
Content Area:
Have you had any ESL Training?
Program of interest:
Full program (22 credits)
If yes, describe:
Streamlined program (9 credits)
Prefer Full but will accept Streamlined
Have you had experience with English learners? Yes
If yes, describe (including numbers of ELs taught in the last five years):
Briefly explain why you are taking this training:
Briefly explain what you expect to get out of this training:
The University of Akron
NE Ohio ACHIEVE Application
What are your thoughts and beliefs about how to best meet the needs of English Learners in your
classroom? (Answer in 350-500 words)