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Ohio Ethics Law
The attached State of Ohio Ethics Law establishes standards of ethical conduct for public officials and
employees. As an employee of The University of Akron, you are covered by the provisions of this
legislation, which includes Chapters 102 and 2921 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Chapter 102 is commonly referred to as the Ethics Bill, and it establishes certain criminal ethical prohibitions
and enforcement procedures that apply to all public officials and employees. Chapter 2921 is a portion of
the Ohio Criminal Code and it codifies crimes involving offenses against justice and public administration.
The University is required as a public agency to provide employees and public officials a copy of these
chapters. Please review these laws and be aware of their applicability to you. Failure to comply with them
could result in criminal penalties.
Section 102.09 requires written acknowledgement within 15 days of receipt of this law. Please sign below and return this
letter to Human Resources (+4704).
I acknowledge receipt of Chapter 102 (Sections 102.01 to 102.99 inclusive) and Chapter 2921 of
the Ohio Revised Code.
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