Anne Penfold Street

Anne Penfold Street
Anne Penfold Street is currently serving as Director of the Centre for Discrete
Mathematics and Computing at the University of Queensland in Australia. She is very
interested in doing research on block designs, more specifically she is interested in such
topics as construction, disjoint designs, and irreducibility. Anne has written many
different research papers during her career.
One of Anne Penfold Street’s greatest contributions to the field of experimental
design, is the book that she co-authored with Deborah J. Street. The book,
Combinatorics of Experimental Design was originally published in 1987. The target
audience for the book is higher-lever undergraduate students in mathematics and
statistics. Some of the topics discussed in the book include symmetrical factorial designs,
designs with further balance, and competition designs.
The information contained in this biography was obtained from the following source(s):
Street, Anne Penfold and Deborah J. Street. Combinatorics of Experimental Design.
Oxford: Clarendon, 1987.