Introduction to Programming - Assignment 2

Introduction to Programming
Assignment 2
Q1 What are storage classes in C? Explain with an example?
Q2 Discuss the bound checking in an Array.
Q3) Discuss the memory map of 1-D and 2-D array.
Q4) WAP to find the sum and average of a given array of integer numbers .
Q5) WAP to find the result of Matrix multiplication.
Q6) What are strings? WAP to find the length and reverse of a string .
Q7) Explain call by value and call by reference in detail.
Q8) What are pointers and how do we pass an array through a function?
Q9) What is the difference between structure and union ? Explain with the help of
a program?
Q10) What is dynamic memory allocation? Explain?
Q11) WAP to show linear search in an array.
Q12) What is recursion ? WAP to find the factorial of a given no using recursion.