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The Department of Communication Disorders invites all members of the GSU community to stop by and
browse the poster presentations of our MHS in Communication Disorders capstone projects.
Friday, February 19, 2016
1:15 – 2:00 pm
Effects of the Use of Minimal Pairs on the Production of /k/ in Words by a
First Grader with a Speech Impairment
Sarah Barnes
Effectiveness of Using Tactile Cues to Reduce Velar Fronting at the Word Level
in a School-Aged Child with Speech Sound Disorders
Taylor Kent
Effectiveness of Auditory Bombardment with Production and Minimal Pair Treatment on
Dental Fricative Production at the Word Level in a Bilingual
School-age Child with Mild Speech Sound Disorder
Andrzej Lewandowski
The Effect of Syllable-Timed Speech Treatment with a Metronome
on Disfluent Speech in a School-Age Child Who Stutters
Kelly Lorenz
The Effects of the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) on Describing/Defining
Vocabulary Words
Melissa Maturo
Improvement in Word Retrieval Through the Use of Semantic Feature Analysis
for an Adult with Acute Aphasia
Lindsey Mulrenin
The Effects of Video Self Modeling for Monitoring Correct /s/ Productions in the Initial
Position of One-Two Syllable Words
Caitlin Tietema
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College of Health and Human Services
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