Comprehension Questions #1

A Lesson Before Dying
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Comprehension Questions #1
Chapters 1-5
Write the answers and the page numbers.
Chapter 1
1. What was Jefferson doing before he went to Mr. Grope’s store?
2. Briefly, what was Jefferson’s “story?”
3. Briefly, what was the prosecutors view?
4. Briefly, what was the defense’s view?
5. Who served on the jury?
Chapters 2-3
6. What 2 things does Tanta Lou want Grant to do?
7. Which gate and door did they use to visit Henri’s house? Inference: Why is this
8. Describe what Tante Lou used to do for the Pichot family.
9. How had WWII changed the Pichot’s and Emma?
10. Are nightclubs integrated for both black and white?
Chapter 4
11. Describe Bayonne. Include: Is it integrated?
12. What idea does Grant suggest to Vivian when they are at the Rainbow Club? What does
this show about Grant’s feeling about his life?
Chapter 5
13. How long was the school year and why?
14. At school, why was Grant so irritated? Think of 2 reasons that are outside of the