MUS 146/147/148

Seattle Central College
Humanities/Social Sciences Division
Music 146, 147, 148 Jazz Ensemble
Instructor: Brian Kirk
Telephone (Office): (206) 934-6338
MWF – 1:00pm – 3:30pm
BA 101 5 Credits
Jazz Ensemble Syllabus
The Seattle Central Jazz Ensemble is a performing group and classroom
improvisation workshop.
Students will receive group instruction in the area of jazz performance and
jazz improvisation. All students will be asked to participate in activities
involving the group outside of the classroom. These activities may include
equipment moving to the performance theatre, before and after the concert.
If your schedule is not flexible and you will miss a gig, equipment move
and/or both, you must talk to the instructor in advance.
All unexcused equipment moves and/or gig absences will result in:
1) Automatic grade reduction of 2 grade points.
2) Frequent unexcused absences (two is the maximum) from
equipment moves to and from the performance venue/and or
classroom setup, will result in a failing grade.
3) Students who appear to be standing watching other people do the
heavy work such as lifting, loading, carrying and walking with band
equipment to the stage, will be made aware of their lack of participation
by the Instructor and asked to step it up! If the problem continues the
student will be made aware of his/her actions in conference with the
Instructor. This is a Team effort. Any student who cannot move equipment
for legitimate medical reasons must have real proof of exemption (a medical
document from your Doctor, or Health Practitioner) from excessive lifting
and or the moving of heavy objects.
The Real Book C, Bb, Eb, Books and Bass Clef
Hal Leonard Publications, Sixth Edition
Recommended Text (not required)
Beginning to Intermediate students:
“How to Improvise” Vol. 1. Jamey Aebersold
Musical arrangements will be provided for the Large Ensembles
Special Notes
Students will need a small digital recorder to record rehearsals and performances.
Jazz Ensembles rehearsals are structured according to the overall strengths and
weaknesses of the ensemble. We will be quality time on aspects of band which need
improving and by listening to your mistakes you are destined to not repeat them.
Bring your instrument everyday. That includes mikes (for vocalist who prefer their
own), sticks, mallets and brushes. Bass and Guitar players bring your own patch
You are responsible for your own part! Learn it! Most of the material
will be rehearsed at a comfortable rehearsal tempo for maximum
playing proficiency.
You are responsible for your own transposition of the selected songs.
You will provide a written part for all rhythm and horn players. (as
needed) Instrumentalist: You are responsible for any transposed parts
or arrangements done for your own instrument as well as the rhythm
and additional horns.
Attendance: 50%
Class Participation: 50%
(Rehearsals, PLAYING TEST, equipment moves, sound checks
Concert Performance)
The Playing Test is by appointment and will be based upon the
performance of the chosen Repertoire.
Private lessons – will help you to advance very quickly. (YOU TUBE
VIDEOS are considered for private instruction)
If you have a private teacher and you are satisfied with their instruction,
then look no further. We have referrals for private teachers through SCCC.
1) Spring Into Central 2014
May 20th, 2014 Tuesday
First Floor Broadway Building
2) Concert – June 11th 7:30pm BPH Theater
3) Graduation of SCC Students
June 14, Saturday – Call Time is 10:30am
Sound check at 11:00am
Performance – 12:00 noon – 12:45pm
Dress code for all concerts:
All performances require musicians to be nicely dressed.
Performance black with your choice of accents preferred.
Shirt and Tie required for Gentlemen
Ladies an appropriate performance Black dress, gown or pants suit